Datastax Enterprise

DataStax Enterprise

A comprehensive, secure database platform for enterprise applications. Only DataStax Enterprise combines the industry’s leading open source database technologies into a single, comprehensive and secure enterprise-grade platform, uniquely architected for today’s personalized line-of-business applications. Powered by Apache Cassandra, the exceptionally scalable and reliable NoSQL database, DataStax Enterprise tackles the complete spectrum of big data challenges that traditional databases and other NoSQL solutions can’t.

Getting real-time insights on Cassandra data

In today’s always on, digital economy organizations must leverage information in operational systems in the fastest possible manner to better serve customers. Internet Enterprises have mastered the art of collecting and transforming data into information to strategically grow their business and succeed. DataStax Enterprise enables Internet Enterprises to efficiently analyze line-of-business data stored in distributed Cassandra clusters for any workload or size.

  • Integrated real-time analytics including in-memory processing, enabled via certified Apache Spark
  • Integrated batch analytics using built-in MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Mahout, and Sqoop
  • Integration with external Hadoop vendors (Cloudera and HortonWorks) merging operational information in Cassandra with historical information stored in Hadoop.

Easily search your Cassandra data.

Search is one aspect of big data that everyone can relate to. To handle today’s data effectively, a search solution must combine high speed with scalability. With its distributed scalability, high performance and ability to handle virtually any type of data, no search solution does a better job of easily tackling today’s diverse enterprise search requirements than DataStax Enterprise with integrated search.

  • One database cluster for both transactions and search – no need to shard an application for separate systems
  • Easy point-and-click provisioning of new search nodes
  • Scalable search that works across multiple data centers and the cloud
  • Robust full-text search and hit highlighting
  • Faceted search (e.g. by manufacturer, brand, type, size, price, etc.)
  • Rich document handling (e.g., HTML, Word, PDF, RTF, email, .zip files, and audio and video formats)
  • Geospatial search

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