Technology Partners

Cognitum provides high-end, scalable and future-ready solutions for data acquisition, storage, searching and processing. To ensure the best performance, compatibility and reliability of our solutions we work with leading, global technology providers.

Cognitum technology is well integrated into the wider enterprise ecosystem. We have constructed a network of partnerships with system integrators who help with the commercialization and integration of our products. Till now, on our board, we have Technology Partners:

We encourage industry-leading IT infrastructure and applications companies to contact us.


IBM – is a global technology and innovation company, and a world-leading provider of computer software, hardware and IT consulting services. It is the company behind Watson, the cognitive system that enables a new partnership between people and computers, Smart City solutions and IoT infrastructure.


Microsoft Corporation – the Azure Circle Partner Program, with extensive experience in cloud computing Azure .NET, Sharepoint, HDInsight and access to specialized databases and training materials.


DataStax – the company delivers a massively scalable, flexible Big Data platform built on Apache Cassandra™. DataStax integrates the enterprise-ready Cassandra, Apache Hadoop™ for analytics and Apache Solr™ for a search across multi-datacenters and in the cloud.


Oracle (Oracle Silver Partner) - offers an optimized and fully integrated stack of business hardware and software systems. Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in the data center – from servers and storage, to database and middleware, through applications and advanced solutions like Semantic Graph Database.

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