Smart Clinical Decision

Intelligent decision support platform for clinical study

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Clinical Decision Support System

Cognitum's Smart Decision solution is a cost-effective, flexible platform to design, collect and manage of patient data with active support and recommendations.

Smart application

Flexible design and medical knowledge integration

Innovative and flexible platform to design, collect and manage of patient data with active support and recommendations for doctors and researchers, combining entire process of treatment with individual patient data in single system. It helps to integrate individual patient record, medical treatment history and rules, clinical practice guidelines and knowledge database. Solution is an interactive, web-based application platform, using advanced semantic reasoning technology for collecting and managing clinical knowledge database or possibilities to use other databases and medical vocabularies.

Dcision Support

Automatic recommendations for treatment

Intelligent decision support system for clinical study which allows to better control over data by design and definition of own data collecting forms and processes with recommendation rules, supporting different treatment models and data analysis methods for optimal and effective proposition of diagnosis and treatment. The platform enables two-way interaction between the user and the system, responds to queries and patient data provided by the user what generates as a result: better patient qualifications, effectiveness and management of clinical trials, and thus lower costs of medical treatment.


  • Higher rate of patient qualification for treatments
  • Improve effectiveness of patient treatment
  • Lower cost of treatment
  • Clinical study knowledge guidelines and database
  • Design and implementation flexibility
  • Data quality and consistency based on automated data audit process
  • High Data interoperability and integration (eg. SNOMED)
  • Quick System requirements and adoption changes


  • Semantic Driven Application Development
  • Built-in reasoning engines
  • Controlled Natural Language (CNL) support
  • Web based endpoint
  • Enterprise data security
  • Data interoperability and export
  • W3C standards compatibility
  • On-premise or Cloud deployment

Data modeling

Semantic data modeling with Controlled Natural Language

UI components are rendered (their behavior, editing capabilities and validation rules) with regard to the relevant model taxonomy including whole model with explicit and implicit knowledge. Parts of the model can be described separately and then use across desired different UI forms and may refer to actual data model directly, so data binding is done implicitly based on semantics.

Application design

Comprehensive analytic tool for data and UI design

It allows much simpler way to create and manipulate semantic data models, enabling Semantic Web technologies to wide group of analyst and engineers. Fluent Editor provides more suitable for human users alternative to XML-based OWL editors. It allows importing from various legacy sources, managing multiple documents, integration with other systems and is compatible with W3C Semantic Web standards (OWL2, RDF, SWRL).

Knowledge database

Semantic description of medical practise guidelines, procedures and vocabularies

All patients data provided by doctors and researchers must be combined with expert knowledge from medical domain. System provides flexible way to translate and build medical knowledge from practise guidelines or external medical databases into intelligent, semantic description and set of rules, using comprehensive tools and underneath technologies. Semantic models allows to express complex relations between forms, sections and data and conditional requirements for data used for automated recommendation engines .

System architecture

Basic architecture for semantic-based model-driven UI web application

Web Server is a core part of the web application. It is responsible for retrieving requested model description from Semantic Database along with Actual Data, when necessary, and render forms, sub-forms and necessary HTML controls with validation and data-binding. Ontorion™ Server as W3C compliant, enterprise ready semantic database as storage of RDF/OWL/SWRL data with SPARQL endpoint and OWLAPI accessibility. Web Browser presents form to the User with navigation, data validation and custom styling support. Automatic model-driven UI Generator complies with jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS.