Enterprise Vocabulary

Define the meaning of your business.

The Challenge

Every sector, business area, domain and activity has its own specific language. For enterprise organizations, the number of products, services, processes and connections has grown to the level, where information and data are distributed across many document types, systems and people's knowledge. Basic understanding about the meaning of domain-specific business content among employees, customers, partners or stakeholders.

Why Cognitum?

Cognitum helps to easily build and manage your organization's knowledge with semantic technology experts and the award-winning ontology modeling tool, Ontorion™ Fluent Editor, based on Controlled Natural Language. You can build:

  • a domain specific ontology
  • multi-language vocabularies
  • thesauri
  • classification schemes
  • taxonomies
  • metadata systems

or any other type of controlled vocabulary based on the proven W3C standard SKOS, which is part of the Semantic Web family of standards built upon RDF and RDFS, and will boost understanding among your partners.