Better Fraud Detection and Compliance

Artificial intelligence driven solutions for fraud detecting challenges

Better Fraud Detection and Compliance

Big Reasoning solutions for financial fraud detection and compliance monitor millions of transactions per day in real time – or near real time – and apply AI temporal reasoning logic to identify fraud and non-compliance.

Detection of large-scale fraudulent activities require massive usage of online (real-time) data analysis. It requires complex and time-consuming investigations, typically different from case to case, that deal with different domains of knowledge like financial, economics, business practices and law.

The Challenge

The real challenge is to build adaptive and smart fraud detection system, so it needs special methods of intelligent data analysis to detect and prevent losses. To avoid significant revenue losses, detection logic must recognize complex patterns over periods spanning seconds to months, also must be easily customizable and readily maintainable by specialists in changing business environment. Ideally ensuring compliance and finding fraud requires monitoring millions of daily transactions in real time and not Error-prone invoice data which complicates processing and analysis. Auditable proof of non-compliance is critical to tax enforcement.

The Solution

Use Big Reasoning to fuse disparate data in real time and generate visualizations and alerts.

  • Data fusion: Fuse data in real time into one knowledge base using semantic web modeling to link related data, rationalize formats, and correct for errors, delays and duplications.
  • AI Agents: Reason across data and time using real-time AI agents.
  • Open interfaces: Use Big Reasoning’s open interfaces to display fused data within a grid operator’s existing monitoring and decision support tools, such as KPI trending and geographical information systems.
  • Hybrid cloud: Deploy using onsite and offsite clouds to maintain data security.

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