Heavy Industry


Information Management

For most enterprise scale manufacturing of heavy industry or production, the crucial activity has become post production service, maintenance and issue reporting by customers. Industries like: automotive, aircraft, shipbuilding, machine tools or defense basically are based on building large and complex products, tools and devices working on production at the customer's site. A typical product contains hundreds or even thousands of pieces and components manufactured by many contractors or suppliers, with various warranties, support levels, and functionalities and even the components might themselves be complex systems, based on separate reporting systems and methods. Despite issue reporting systems and support procedures, typically, the most valuable information is passed in an unstructured form, as a plain text description of an issue or specific situation. Moreover, customer reporting can be based on reporting forms, documents or emails which significantly decreases the quality of the knowledge database, reporting and searching of issues for further support.
How can reporting issues be used to build better support for your products?


Using Semantic Technologies, you can build up a powerful, high quality knowledge database for issue reporting systems, extract important information from the customer's description, easily design and maintain product and service taxonomies, integrate with domain-specific system and data with a lower total costs of ownership and product maintenance.

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