Logistics & Warehouse


Intelligent Stockhouse Management

Information about stock items is usually stored in information systems, based on traditional SQL databases, ERP systems or sometimes even excel files or in documents, with the features and description defined as tables, database schema, attributes or plain text. The meaning of these items, the relations between them and most of their qualitative and quantitative traits are also encoded with the item's name or description with a lack of information structure.
The main challenge is to address stockhouse management using information that exceeds traditional database schema.


Using semantic tools and text mining knowledge, it is possible to extract information from plain text and give it structure and meaning, and generate automatic taxonomies from existing data. After this process, items can be connected with other systems or data and provide additional quantitative analysis, stock optimization, rotation of items, etc. for stock management, purchasing or the sales department.
This new approach, offered by Cognitum, together with partner, based on Semantic Technology tools helps to lift stock information management to a new level.