Semantic Model-Driven Applications

Semantic model for modern application development

The Challenge

Every project development life cycle is a process of design and software development, including requirements, validation and the training of users or stakeholders. Any project should result in a high quality system that meets or exceeds customer expectations, is within time and cost estimates, works effectively and efficiently in the current and planned infrastructure, and is inexpensive to maintain and cost-effective to enhance. The main challenge nowadays for most business applications is to manage the constantly changing rules, requirements, prototyping and development processes of complex systems, data models and schema within the current architecture of information systems.
But how can you manage projects with constantly changing designs or data models and faster customization without higher costs of project development and decreased total costs of ownership?

Why Cognitum?

Cognitum’s semantic driven model, powered by the Semantic Knowledge Database Ontorion™, allows your organization to easily and rapidly customize software solutions whatever changes your business will face. The semantic description, based on W3C standards, of user Interface, data model and complex business rules gives another level of application development that maximizes productivity and minimizes the total cost of design and prototyping.

Key features:

  • Semantic description in CNL (Controlled Natural Language)
  • Automatic User Interface generation
  • Support for rules
  • Quick prototyping
  • Full compatibility with W3C standards (OWL,RDF,RDFS,SWRL)
  • Powered by Ontorion™