On-line traffic analysis

Today's Internet business applications support hundreds of thousands or even millions of customers. The applications work well with support for transactions and off-line customer behavior analysis. But what if the system could record online information about the clicks, likes, favorites, temporary data, web log aggregation and real-time data about website traffic? Moreover, what if we could use this data for real-time analytics, customer behavior, advertising or registering traffic peaks when the system should handle several times more users compared to average?


For this purpose, DataStax Enterprise is the best choice as a platform that will allow you to quickly write a large amount of various types of information in the form of flat structures and analyze it through distributed computation and scalable counters features. With DSE, the system will bring more business incomes and possibilities for building global e-commerce platforms for the retail market with the following features:

  • Broader information about the client and his behavior
  • Real-time analysis
  • Dynamic traffic on-line
  • Dynamic content presentation
  • Scoring
  • Recommendations
  • Retargeting
  • Behavioral analysis

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