Smart Fraud Detection

Fraud is a billion-dollar business, increasing every year and it is an issue for most industries including public and government agencies and law enforcement, banking and financial sectors, insurance and more. The growing number of transactions in a large population in various sectors makes fraud detection more important and trickier than ever. Despite efforts on the part of the affected institutions, hundreds of millions of dollars are lost to fraud every year.
For the detection of large-scale fraudulent activities , massive use of online (real-time) data analysis is required. This requires complex and time-consuming investigations, typically different from case to case, that deal with different domains of knowledge like finance, economics, business practices and law.

The real challenge is to build an adaptive and smart fraud detection system, so it needs special methods of intelligent data analysis to detect and prevent fraud. A system that can cover horizontal sectors like: insurance claims, tax return fraud, credit card transactions, supply chain, franchising networks, cell phones, etc. representing significant problems for governments and businesses.


Artificial intelligence (AI) driven solutions provide a sophisticated system which meets fraud detecting challenges. The analysis power of artificial intelligence and semantic technologies enables Real-Time Fraud Detection, control and monitoring automation with the performance of Big Data and features:

  • Reasoning with AI Agents recognize complex fraud and non-compliance patterns
  • Natural language rules enable decision makers and specialists to manage a tax fraud knowledge base
  • Cloud and AI Agent computing scale massively in real time
  • Highly maintainable and reusable Semantic web knowledge base
  • Situation Intelligence automation and reporting

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