Smart Clinical Registers

Intelligent data management platform for pharma and health research organizations.

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Smart Clinical Data Records

Protocol-driven Application

Translate protocol and quickly start application with UI forms and database in one place.

Data Research and Reporting

Information insights without forcing their specific schema through data relations and context.

Automated forms audit

Automatic veryfication of protocols, UI forms and data schemes.

Enhanced information level

Common understanding and meaning of data and information based on protocols model.

On-premise or Cloud

Flexible and easy deployment to fully enable scalability and security of the solution.

Mobile access

Responsive web interface to always be in touch with the clinical study and research data.

Flexible Platform

Enables the protocol-driven application

Cognitum’s Smart Clinical Register technology and solution brings new quality and idea to design and implementation of electronic data capture for your clinical trial study and research. Flexible forms and data collection Smart Clinical Register is semantic protocol driven solution which allows CROs, Pharmaceuticals companies and Health Research organizations to design and implement electronic data protocols or registers and improve entire clinical trial process. It helps to manage the data collection processes in user-friendly way with lower costs of implementation, maintenance and cost effective customization of the system.

Why Smart Register

Improves data collection for clinical studies

Typical clinical studies data capture use a series of interactive case report forms to collect patient data in a clinical trial process, in a structured way. The forms are customized to capture all data elements to meet the needs of the specific clinical study. Smart Clinical Register allows to quickly create application with UI forms and database in one place, and provides intelligent decision support what increases effectiveness of entire clinical trial process for patient qualification and management of trial paths. Key benefits of solution improves design, flexibility, customization process, data collection and analysis based on protocol data and requirements.


  • Lower life-cycle solution cost
  • Faster time-to-market delivery
  • High design and implementation flexibility
  • User-friendly form implementation and customization
  • Fully and easily customizable case forms
  • Data Quality improvement and interoperability
  • Easy protocol to web form translation
  • Automated form audit


  • Protocol Driven Application
  • Semantic Case Report From (CRF) description
  • Controlled Natural Language (CNL) support
  • Web based endpoint
  • Enterprise data security
  • W3C standards compatibility
  • On-premise or Cloud deployment