Cognitum | Cognitum at 23rd International Defence Industry Exhibition

Cognitum at 23rd International Defence Industry Exhibition

Between 1st and 4th of September Cognitum took part in the 23rd International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO at Targi Kielce S.A. Cognitum was chosen by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development to present Smart Information Management Framework for Defence and Space.

The International Defence Industry Exhibition is the most important exhibition of the defence industry in Europe and the third largest trade show on the Old Continent - ranked after Paris and London. This year visitors could meet more than 500 exhibitors from 27 countries of the world, including USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil etc.

Nowadays that Defence has to respond to the challenges of both digital battlefield as well as the production of innovative and complex equipment and weapon. The entire process of producing and servicing equipment and military systems (aircraft, vehicles) requires continuous monitoring their condition, compliance with procedures and analysis all kind of reports.

On the other hand, that Defence is in the time of transformation, see the huge value of data information and realize that whoever can take actionable data and knowledge the fastest will be the winner. It is important to improve information management but also a big challenge. The question arises of how to sift through the influx of data, and then deliver the appropriate information to the right people at the right time to make better decisions. Defence needs more flexible and interoperable environment, which can be use very fast, can be securely plugged into a different environment etc.

Cognitum Information Management Systems enable integrated source of data and information from multiple sources (BigData) and devices (IoT) and to build systems:

  • Knowledge databases
  • Crisis Management
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Intelligence and Situation Awareness
  • Fraud Detection

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Cognitum is an innovative and technical company which delivers high-end IT services in the area of Cloud Computing & Big Data solutions as well as Knowledge Management tools and Semantic Technologies. Company seek their competitive advantages with constant innovation through own investment in R&D activities and cooperation with major academics within multiparty research projects. The company provides consulting services, business and analysis applications for big and medium companies and government institutions. The company also offers its own products based on Semantic Technologies, Cloud-Based solutions as well as the analysis and design of large data sets (Big Data).


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