Cognitum | Seminary Beyond OWL2 at Gdansk University of Technology

Seminary Beyond OWL2 at Gdansk University of Technology

“Beyond OWL2”, this is the title of seminary which was introduced by Pawel Kaplanski – CTO of Cognitum – at Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics.

During the seminar, Pawel Kaplanski:

  • Explained the current status of research for extension points of standard OWL2 technological stack;
  • Explained the real value of Controlled Natural Languages and Real-Time (Statistical) Data Processing;
  • Proved that those extensions of OWL Reasoners are very promising;
  • Showed how to use this kind of hybrid to go beyond DL Reasoning and tried to attract attenders with spectrum of its possible applications.

Cognitum very actively cooperate with Universities and Research Institutions such as Warsaw University of Technology, University of Warsaw, Gdansk University of Technology. In our Research Partner Program we have more than 60 Universities. We have organized several internships for researchers and academics as well as seminaries for students.

Together with Maria Curie-Sklodowska University (UMCS) in Lublin, we have created Laboratory of Semantic Technologies where researchers and students can use our software for free. You can also meet us at many conferences, workshops and meetup where we talk about Semantic Technologies, Data Modelling and Artificial Intelligence.

If you would like to get more information about our Research Partner Program, do not hesitate to contact me k.kwiecien [at]

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