Smart BI

Business Intelligence that really understands your data!

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Smart BI with Data Semantics

Corporate Knowledge as an Asset

Information and knowledge managed as any other intangible asset.

Queries in natural language

Instant data access and exploration using simple queries in natural language.

Ad hoc Pivot and Reporting

Information insights without forcing their specific schema through data relations and context.

Smart Data Integration

Connect and integrate data sources in one single manageable data stream.

On-premise or Cloud

Flexible and easy deployment to fully enable scalability and security of the solution.

Mobile Access

Responsive web interface to always be in touch with the critical data and decisions.

SmartBI Case Studies

Sales and Transations Reporting

Easy sales data exploration for sales analyst and management departments. Instant access to critical data and indicators by category, brands, time or location.

Retail Offers / Market Research

Simplify on-line reporting process for analysing and monitoring of market data and product prices from advertising leaflets.

Clinical Data Reporting

Exploration of patients data for clinical registers. Scientists and researchers can query and explore patients data, collected during clinical study for current and future research.

Flights Information Reporting

Data visualization and exploration for aircraft maintenance monitoring. Technical information about aircraft operations e.g. (flight, landing and issues) as a part of engineering analysis.