Sample 2 – Laptops

Sample 2 – Laptops

In this sample I will show how to apply tags. As input text I have some data concerning laptops. I will skip the process of extracting taxonomy, which is described in Sample 1. Input data considers laptops – specific models with a lot of information about hardware specification.

Please note that information in this taxonomy is only for presentation purposes, and can be inconsistent with real life. Author doesn’t have a knowledge about every laptop model that is used in this taxonomy, so don’t take it literally – we will use this data just to show how to use Tags feature.

After analyze of raw input data I have decided to extract from it following information:

  • COMPUTER_TYPE – what kind of computer it is.
  • VENDOR – who produced it.
  • FAMILY – to which family/line/series does it belong to.
  • MODEL – specific model name.
  • DIAGONAL_IN_INCHES – size of screen.
  • CPU_VENDOR – vendor of central processing unit.
  • CPU_MODEL – model of central processing unit.
  • RAM_IN_GB – size of random access memory in gigabytes.
  • DISK_CAPACITY_IN_GB – capacity of disk in gigabytes.
  • DISK_CAPACITY_IN_TB – capacity of disk in terabytes.
  • DISK_TYPE – type of disk.
  • OS – operating system name.
  • OS_TYPE – type of operating system(Home/Professional etc.)
  • COLOR – color of item.

After extracting these information, I have decided to additionally add some tags to it. I would like to tag each computer according to purpose of its usage. I have provided following possible tags:

  • home
  • office
  • gaming

In worksheet we have to create new column, its header(value of first row) have to be named “TAGS”, and then write below it all values we want to use for tagging. Figure 1 presents how does it looks in worksheet:

Figure 1

To apply these tags to our data we have to open Generate Taxonomy window, next tick Add Tag Column checkbox, provide range with tags in Tags source textbox and click Apply button:

Figure 2

Clicking Apply button will open new window like on Figure 3:

Figure 3

Here we can set which tags will be applied for our predefined taxonomy items. As far as I know Alienware is a family of custom gaming computers, so each computer that is from Alienware family should get “gaming” tag. To achieve it just set proper tag from right combo box , and then drag n drop Alienware from left to right list box(Figure 4):

Figure 4

It is possible also to apply more than one tag for single predefined taxonomy item. Let’s say that computers from Inspiron family are at the border between home and office usage. So we can apply both of these tags for them.

Result of this feature is a new column with tags which will be appended to the Taxonomy Output table, like on Figure 5:

Figure 5

Purpose of this sample is only to show how does it works. To play more with tags you can download this Laptops sample here(TODO<add link>)!