About Us

About Cognitum

Our mission is to deliver high-end, scallable and future-ready solutions for data acquisition, storage, searching and processing. No matter how big or complex they are.

Cognitum delivers high-end IT services in the area of Cloud Computing & Big Data solutions as well as Knowledge Management tools and Semantic Technologies. We seek our competitive advantage with constant innovation through own investment in R&D activities and cooperation with major academics within multiparty research projects.

We build our strong competences within several technological areas:

  • Big Data processing and analysis
  • Cloud Solutions and core Business Applications
  • Knowledge Management and Semantic Web
  • Ontology Engineering
  • Heterogeneous Data Acquisition & Analysis
  • Formal Systems
  • Cloud Computing and Cloud Testing

We are present on several vertical markets (industry, telco, health, government, legal services and media) and deliver services to customers from many countries.

Our mission is to deliver high-end, scallable and future-ready solutions for data acquisition, storage, searching and processing. No matter how big or complex they are. 

Cognitum™ was established as an Ltd company in 2010 in Warsaw, Poland. The establishment of the company was accelerated by participation in the Microsoft BizSpark programme.

Management Board

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Paweł Kapłański, CTO

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Assistant Professor at Gdańsk University of Technology. Former Lead Architect in Samsung R&D, responsible for the high-level design of industrial software framework for the rapid development of embedded real-time systems. He holds an MSc.in Computer Science from Wroclaw University of Technology.

Building technological strategy; Technological management; Products & Services architecture development; Project portfolio supervision and competency development.

Supervisory Board

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Marek Borzestowski, President

Partner at Giza Polish Ventures

Venture Capitalist with a focus on disruptive technologies. Experienced in setting up IT businesses. Particularly interested in e-commerce, artificial intelligence, big data, expert systems, neural networks, natural language processing, dialog analysis, cleantech, materials, nanotech.

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Piotr Pietrzak, Member

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at IBM Poland & Baltics

A dynamic technical leader, with extensive experience in a variety of industry domain encompassing roles such as consulting and solution design. Converges business and technology strategies, which alleviate organizational challenges thorough the development of innovative solutions. Customer business developer and influencer, IT evangelist.

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Michał Żyliński, Member

EMEA Microsoft Azure Technical Sales - Emerging Workloads at Microsoft

Incubates new Microsoft Azure services and usage scenarios across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) region. Provides sales and technical insights to mainstream sellers, validates new business models, supports selected customers and partners. Subject-matter expert in cloud big data and big compute solutions.


Cognitum shareholders:

  • Giza Polish Ventures I Fund
  • Company Founders

Giza Polish Ventures I Fund (GPV) is a Venture Capital fund with a professional back-up provided by the Israeli company Giza Venture Capital. The company was established in 1992 and currently manages funds worth over USD 600 million. Over the past 20 years on the market, Giza VC has made almost 100 investments in Israel, Europe, the United States and Asia and has achieved more than 35 successful exits. Giza Investment professionals contribute with a wealth of expertise and experience in communications, semiconductors, information technologies, enterprise software, the life sciences and medical equipment, clean technologies, media, the Internet and entertainment. Thanks to its experienced team, Giza has become one of the leading Israeli VC groups and has led to the following winning investments: Zoran – digital entertainment (NASDAQ:ZRAN), M-Systems (currently Sandisk), Libit (currently TI), Actimize (acquired by Nice), Danen Technology (TWSE: 3686.TW) and others. Moreover, Giza VC established an office in Singapore in 2001 and in recent years has been pursuing investment opportunities in Taiwan-based companies. Giza VC is also actively engaged in supporting the Israeli company portfolio in developing and partnering in Taiwan and South-East Asia.

Microsoft BizSpark support

Cognitum™ gained important support from the Microsoft Corporation through participation in the Microsoft® BizSpark™ programme. This support allowed us to quickly deliver market-ready, comprehensive and robust solutions with up-to-date technologies involved.

Microsoft® BizSpark™ is a global program that helps software startups succeed by giving them access to Microsoft software development tools, connecting them with key industry players, including investors, and providing marketing visibility to help entrepreneurs starting a business. [http://www.bizspark.com/]


The Sea that has become known

Mare Cognitum (the "sea that has become known") is a lunar mare located in a basin or large crater which sits in the second ring of the Procellarum basin. A number of missions visited this region: Apollo 12 landed close to Surveyor 3, and Apollo 14 landed on the hills at the edge of the Fra Mauro crater. Mare Cognitum is also the location where the Ranger 7 probe crash-landed.

Its name was proposed by Kuiper who was a Ranger PI (see also E.A.Whitaker's Mapping and Naming the Moon, page 174: "Kuiper suggested a choice between Mare Exploratum or Mare Cognitum. After considerable discussion, the second of these (The Known Sea, or The Sea That Has Become Known) received the vote").

[src: the-moon.wikispaces.com]