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    Logistics solutions development


    Custom logistics software to get savings in processes related to cargo, transport and people.

    Logistics software development services

    The three words “lost, spoiled or delayed” can be a nightmare as it can result in loss of money. Therefore, smart solutions using IoT or machine learning algorithms can come to the fore that are able to predict such problems and also quickly solve them in order to avoid monetary losses for downtime or lost goods.

    Predictive maintenance and real-time analytics will help reduce all risks. Moreover, modern solutions take care of the environment by reducing emissions into the atmosphere and your business will comply with all the requirements of regulatory authorities.

    We are happy to undertake the implementation of solutions in the field of logistics of any complexity to allow you to sleep peacefully.

    Web development for logistics industry Web development for logistics industry

    Digital ideas for logistics

    solutions optimization
    • Risks management
    • Order monitoring
    • Lost cargo detection
    • Insurance cases management
    • Downtime reduction
    • Inventory management
    business optimization applications
    • Freight visibility
    • Route planning 
    • Safety monitoring
    • Fleet monitoring
    • Storage conditions monitoring
    • Cargo/assembly tracking
    web development for Digitalization
    • New business models
    • IoT integrations
    • Smart logistics
    • Smart city
    • Real time analytics
    • New value opportunities

    Where we can help you

    Last mile delivery platform

    Last mile delivery platform to provide the best customer experience.

    Urban mobility solutions development
    Urban mobility

    Our team are happy to deliver smart applications for modern urban vehicles.

    Web development for transportation

    Automate control over the state of the cargo, the work of personnel and all business processes.

    IoT solutions development for warehouses

    IoT solutions development to manage your companies’ warehouse efficiently.

    Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions
    “Cognitum is a solid and reliable partner, and experts in their field.”
    Cognitum delivered services for DataStax in the areas of advanced software solution for Big Data, massively parallel storage and computing, distributed database and .NET protocols. We know we can always rely on Cognitum’ various competences.

    DataStax Team

    DataStax Inc. Santa Clara, California

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