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    data science solutions development

    Data Science

    Let us help you extract meaningful insights from your data.

    Get data driven advantage!

    In any company, all data is stored in different places and in different formats. Many of these cannot be used at all or may not be enough. Often it is difficult and time-consuming to work with them, and the usefulness of their analysis is not high. To get the right business insights from this data and make forecasts for launching new products / services / directions, Data Science can come to the rescue.

    Our company has a lot of experience working with data and we are happy to guide you all the way to create an effective Data Science model.

    data science solutions development data science solutions development

    Data science process

    development steps


    Project planning

    The first stage is the estimation of the client’s idea together with our team of professionals. We take into account the technical requirements of the future project and draw up a phased plan for the development of the Data Science model.


    Data cleaning and integration

    At this stage, our team is identifying and correcting data errors so that we can use them in the future. This is especially important if we are integrating different systems, if the data is stored in different formats, and so on.


    Data analysis

    We analyze the collected data to understand what we have, and most importantly, what is missing for a full analysis and finding patterns and other business ideas. At this stage, gaps in the data chain are clearly visible, since disparate data does not give a complete picture.


    Data visualization and modeling

    Our team proposes a way to organize data and visualize it. Graphical forms like maps, charts, graphs greatly facilitate the client’s understanding and further exploration of the data.

    Digital ideas for data science

    solutions optimization
    • Users demographic
    • Users activity
    • Users paths
    • User engagement
    • A/B tests results
    • Churn prediction
    business optimization applications
    • Anomaly and fraud detection 
    • Crashes and Errors
    • Image recognition
    • Text mining
    • Anti Spam filters
    • Chatbots
    web development for Digitalization
    Business Value
    • User profiling
    • Application KPIs
    • Recommendation systems 
    • Customer segmentation 
    • Forecasting methods 
    • New business models

    Where we can help you

    satellite applications development

    Telecommunication solutions delivery for Internet, stationary and media providers.

    Semantic technologies for science

    Apply the power of Data Science to make breakthrough discoveries in science.

    Live Comply Regtech App Development

    Enhance your in-house regulatory and compliance processes with full-fledged assistants.

    web development for public education

    We develop products widely used by top universities all over the world, including MIT and Sorbonne.

    Tech Stack

    Data Visualization
    Modelling Languages and Libraries
    Hardware Platforms
    Cognitum software development PowerBI


    Cognitum software development Tableau


    Cognitum software development Google BigQuery

    Google BigQuery

    Cognitum software development Snowflake


    Cognitum software development Apache Cassandra

    Apache Cassandra

    Cognitum software development Amazon S3

    Amazon S3

    Cognitum software development PowerBI


    Cognitum software development Python


    Cognitum software development CogniPy


    Cognitum software development R


    Cognitum software development TensorFlow


    Cognitum software development Pandas


    Cognitum software development Jupyter


    Cognitum software development PyTorch


    Cognitum software development Scikit learn

    Scikit learn

    Cognitum software development Scipy


    Cognitum software development Google Cloud Platform

    Google Cloud Platform

    Cognitum software development AWS


    Cognitum software development Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure

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