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    Team Extension

    Over 10 years of experience in delivery of the top talents to the most demanding enterprise customers.

    Cognitum Software House service description

    How to expand your team

    All recruiters know how difficult it is to find the right IT specialists in the market who not only have the required technical qualifications, but can seamlessly integrate into the team and the project itself. Some of expert job positions can be closed for up to six months or more. Cognitum will gladly help you with this task and will match front-end & back-end developers, ML engineers, QA specialists or UX/UI designers.

    Depending on your needs and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) features, we will provide you with highly qualified specialists who will harmoniously complement your in-house team, or forming a dedicated team to take over the entire development process, including management.

    Strenghten your team with new talents

    Data scientists

    Data Scientists

    QA Specialists

    QA Specialists

    staff augmentation
    Software engeneers

    Software Engineers

    Project managers

    Project Managers

    Cooperation models

    Extended team

    You hire the best proffesional(s) to strenghten your team.

    You manage the team

    • Single specialist selection
    • You interact with engineers
    • More process control
    Extended team

    Dedicated team

    You hire the entire team to complete your tasks.

    We manage the team

    • Hiring a whole team
    • You interact with Team Lead/PM
    • Less control, more time
    Dedicated team

    Recruitment process


    Defining profiles

    At the beginning, we collect data about the specialist or specialists you need, analyze the requirements, profile and experience of the required candidates. We help to complete the profiles with the necessary qualities or experience that you might not have taken into account or, on the contrary, we advise you to remove some extra points that you may not need.

    • Requirements gathering
    • Profile consulting


    Candidate profile consulting helps you save money on the candidate you are looking for and optimize the work of your entire team.


    Talent pre-selection

    We select all possible candidates according to your agreed profile and future project, check whether their skills meet your requirements. At this stage, there may be additional requirements other than technical ones (compatibility with the team, soft skills, working time zone).

    • CV screening
    • Candidates pre-selection


    Pay attention to the possible features of your project so that the future candidate can join the team without any difficulties.


    Internal interview

    At this stage, from existing candidates, we select the best ones and screen them carefully to meet the project’s requirements. To make the whole recruitment process as simple as possible for you, the initial soft and technical interviews are on our side. 

    • Candidates selection
    • Initial interviews


    The process of initial interviews can be flexible, but they usually take place on our side to save the client time.


    Client interview

    We introduce the candidate to the future project, agree on further interviews already on the client side and set the time for the next ones. Together with customer, we select the best specialists and help to get started.

    • Final interviews
    • Working process setup


    If necessary, we assist selected candidates undergoing further adaptation in the company.

    Our clients say about us

    Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions
    “The company has shown itself to be an excellent service provider and we are fully satisfied with the quality of their development skills.”
    Since 2011 Cognitum has continuously delivered services to a global construction tools developer company in the areas of computer systems, software development and software quality assurance from prototyping, implementation as well as maintenance. During our cooperation, the company has shown itself to be an excellent service provider and we are fully satisfied with the quality of their development skills.

    Head of Software

    Global Construction Company

    Cognitum previous opinion
    Cognitum next opinion
    Cognitum Software House cooperation

    Thinking about outsourcing the entire project?

    Entrust the solution development to us and focus on your project idea and business processes.

    web and mobile apps development


    Why is the staff augmentation service better for me than hiring a full-time employee?

    • Save time on recruiting, interview and hiring a permanent employee.
    • Choose a narrow professional for a specific project.
    • Once finished working on a project, you stop cooperation, or switch to another project and other specialists who are most suitable for it.

    I need to quickly find a big team for a short term project. Can you help me?


    Yes, we can, team extension is the best option for such a task: to quickly and efficiently find and hire professionals for a project. Cognitum will send you CVs of technical specialists with the qualifications you need. You sign a contract, if necessary, we help with onboarding.

    Is it safe for the continuity of my in-house teams’ work?


    Yes, we can guarantee you high quality recruitment and employee retention. All you need is to indicate your needs and requirements, and we will select the best specialists. If necessary, we take into account the presence of certain soft skills in candidates for better adaptation in a new team.

    What is the difference between dedicated software development team and team extension?


    For a dedicated team you hire an entire team to work on your project. Between it and you, there is an intermediary – our project manager, s/he sets tasks for the entire team, delegates responsibilities, checks the execution of tasks and makes reports.

    As for team extension, you complement and strengthen your existing in-house team with external specialists. All managerial work is on your side.

    How can I start cooperation with Cognitum?


    Please call us or leave a message! Our sales managers will contact you to further discuss the details.

    To be the best you have to work with the best

    Cognitum is glad to help you with professional team recruitment to breathe life into your ideas.

    Contact us
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    Your certified partner!

    Empower your projects with Cognitum, backed by the assurance of our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, symbolizing elite data security and quality standards.