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    artificial intelligence solutions development


    Increase productivity through automation and improve customer experience with AI-based apps.

    AI-based solutions features

    Large corporations and small companies are implementing Artificial Intelligence in their technological processes from chatbots and data center monitoring to business analytics.

    This is understandable since AI-based apps are able to analyze data, solve complex problems and learn. Thanks to the latter feature, such applications can become not only a great assistant for your company, but also make business forecasts in the future based on the available data.

    The Cognitum team will develop an AI solution from scratch for your business needs or implement a ready-made one into your product.

    Web&Mobile development services Web&Mobile development services

    AI model development

    development steps


    Project planning

    The first stage is the estimation of the client’s idea together with our team of professionals. We take into account the technical requirements of the future project and draw up a phased plan for the development of the AI model.


    Data exploration

    Understanding, summarizing, cleaning and analyzing the contents of a dataset, usually in preparation for more complex modeling. The results of this analysis will help in understanding the data structure, distribution of values and interrelationships.


    ML model training

    We use your data to train the ML model. A machine learning model can be trained to be useful for your business, from processing huge volumes of data to minimizing production downtime in the future.


    ML model integration

    When the ML model is well trained and we are satisfied with the results, the Cognitum team will integrate it into the solution. Our specialists have all the skills of software engineers and data scientists in order to simplify the entire deployment process and eliminate the possibility of error.


    ML model deployment

    Putting a model into production can be a relatively quick process, but maintaining it effectively can be time consuming and resource intensive. At this stage, it is important to choose the right architecture based on your business goals.


    QA, support and further iterations

    From the very beginning of development, our QA experts are involved in the process to make sure your solution works well. Besides, we are committed to fixing any problems for the entire period of support agreed in advance and future updates if any.

    Where we can help you

    Telecommunication solutions delivery

    Telecommunication solutions delivery for Internet, stationary and media providers.

    Semantic technologies for science

    Apply the power of AI modeling to make breakthrough discoveries in science.

    Live Comply Regtech App Development

    Enhance your in-house regulatory and compliance processes with full-fledged assistants.

    web development for public education

    We develop products widely used by top universities all over the world, including MIT and Sorbonne.

    Tech Stack

    Modelling Languages and Libraries
    Deployment Tools
    Hardware Platforms
    Cognitum software development Python


    Cognitum software development Jupyter


    Cognitum software development TensorFlow


    Cognitum software development PyTorch


    Cognitum software development Scikit learn

    Scikit learn

    Cognitum software development Scipy


    Cognitum software development Pandas


    Cognitum software development CogniPy


    Cognitum software development Snowflake


    Cognitum software development Google BigQuery

    Google BigQuery

    Cognitum software development Apache Cassandra

    Apache Cassandra

    Cognitum software development Amazon S3

    Amazon S3

    Cognitum software development TerraForm


    Cognitum software development Tensorflow Serving

    Tensorflow Serving

    Cognitum software development Google Cloud Platform

    Google Cloud Platform

    Cognitum software development AWS


    Cognitum software development Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure


    Could AI be applicable for all projects?


    No, AI can’t solve every problem, for example, AI-based applications can’t make creative decisions or plan strategically.

    Why should I use AI technology over the other ones?


    AI-powered apps work better to speed up problem resolution and improve IT operations.

    What can AI be used for?


    AI can be used to develop applications that help in decision making, smart solutions for smart homes and cities, cybersecurity tools, products for ScienceTech and EdTech, and many more.

    Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions
    “We would definitely recommend Cognitum as a IT partner in the field of AI, management systems, semantic technologies and software development.”
    Cognitum delivered a Decision Support Solution designed for Nokia Global executives in 2017. The company applied its knowledge in the field of AI, management systems, semantic technologies and software development to Nokia Global. We would definitely recommend Cognitum as a solid IT partner.

    Nuno Melo

    Head of Analytics CoE, Nokia

    Cognitum previous opinion
    Cognitum next opinion

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