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    Data analytics services

    Data Analytics

    Put your data at the service of your business.

    Cognitum Software House service description

    How data analytics works

    To get the right business insights a Data Analyst needs to understand how your company works, learn its processes, and study all indicators based on data. Data Specialists can tell you where your company has bottlenecks, find causal relationships of certain events and results and, most importantly, in which direction the whole team should move forward in future.

    Our Data Analyst crew delves into the client’s problem and offers an effective solution. Thanks to the insights that you can get, you gain an edge over your competitors.

    We are experienced in

    Healthcare analytics

    Knowledge sharing and systematization

    • Patient health monitoring
    • Patient treatment optimization
    • Treatment plan recommendations
    • Patterns defining

    Financial analytics

    Optimize your business processes

    • Budget planning
    • Formulating business plans
    • Financial decisions making
    • Risk forecasting

    Industrial analytics

    Improve workflow and performance

    • Predictive maintenance
    • Working anomalies tracking
    • Energy consumption prediction
    • Downtime cause analysis

    Find the missing puzzle with us!

    Get business insights out of your data

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    data analytics

    Data analytics process


    Defining the requirements

    The first stage is the estimation of your idea together with our team of professionals. We will collect and if needed, help you to define the functional and nonfunctional requirements during a short meeting/workshop.


    Data collection & storage

    Main goal of this stage is to collect the raw data and store it in a durable and well organized way. Storage/Database depends on the data model characteristics, velocity and volume – in most of the cases we deal with the time series data. Depending on the requirements, It’s possible to make some data adjustments / transformations / cleaning at this stage, but usually it’s better to store the raw data as it is.


    Data analysis pipelines

    To speed up and increase the accuracy of data insights, our engineers create data analysis pipelines to put into effect cleared data. The Cognitum team sets up data transformations in a specific order. When all transformations are applied we get full analysis, find patterns and other business ideas. At this stage, gaps in the data chain are clearly visible, since disparate data does not give a complete picture.


    Results visualization & iterations

    Our team proposes a way to organize data and visualize it. Graphical forms like maps, charts, graphs greatly facilitate the client’s understanding and further exploration of the data.

    Our clients say about us

    Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions
    “The Cognitum team helped us bring our idea to life and we launched the MVP to the market.”
    The Cognitum team are great professionals. They helped us bring our ideas to life and developed a state and anomaly prediction system based on machine learning algorithms. We are pleased with the result and plan to continue cooperation on the implementation of new functionality.

    Igor Łęgowski

    Head Of Solutions, WeSenseAll

    Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions
    “We would definitely recommend Cognitum as a IT partner in the field of AI and software development.”
    Cognitum delivered a Decision Support Solution designed for Nokia Global executives in 2017. The company applied its knowledge in the field of AI, management systems, semantic technologies and software development to Nokia Global. We would definitely recommend Cognitum as a solid IT partner.

    Nuno Melo

    Head of Analytics CoE, Nokia

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    Cognitum Software House cooperation

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    Use the power of data!

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    data analytics

    Your certified partner!

    Empower your projects with Cognitum, backed by the assurance of our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, symbolizing elite data security and quality standards.