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    Semantic technologies for science
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    Smart Business Intelligence Tool

    An intuitive tool connecting data and non-technical people.


    Ask Data Anything (ADA) is a Business Intelligence(BI) tool with a natural language query interface. Using the power of Semantic Technology gives a lot of flexibility and smartness to interpret and understand the data. Smoothen communication opens data, supports employee rotation, sharing knowledge and improves decisions across the organization. 







    16 months




    The challenge is to provide a full blown BI tool to the audience of users who don’t know technical query languages like SQL/SPARQL/MDX and still could perform complex queries. To achieve that goal we had to invent the natural query language and boost it with ontologies, supporting OWL (Web Ontology Language) and Semantic Web standards. Another challenge was to make an user-friendly interface with experience similar to a search engine.

    Ask Data Anything Tool Development


    As a result, we launched a very intuitive tool, connecting data and non-technical people.  ADA has an admin panel with all preloaded data and a search bar. When you enter a query, it gives hints and corrects typos. Moreover, the search results of the application can even show information that was not in the original scattered documents, but taken from ontologies. So your data can be extended, that opens up new possibilities of querying it.

    Semantic Data allows streamlined integration of different heterogeneous data sources, automated recognition of data type and proposition of data meaning, charts and aggregations. What’s important, it also lets users explore hidden, implicit and unobvious data relations as well as complex conclusions driven instantly from datasets. ADA can be used by a variety of actors in the service sector from finance, insurance and pharmaceuticals to journalism, marketing, sales, and many others.

    Smart BI for Sales and Translations

    This analytical tool has different visualization options as maps, timelines, histograms, line, pie or bar charts.

    From the technical side we have delivered NQL and the entire Natural Language Interface Database (NLIDB) supporting the user with Business Intelligence queries. The NQL parser is a core, it is a hybrid of the CNL and pattern matching approach with a pre-error correction phase. It can be hosted in cloud or on-premise environments. Server and client-side components for desktop and web allows for broad integrations for custom software and existing corporate infrastructure.


    Technology Specification

    Cognitum Software House C#
    Cognitum Software House Javascript


    KnockoutJS, JavaScript


    C#, F#, OWL, RDF

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