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    Industry 4.0 web development


    Connect workflows, machinery and computers into a single ecosystem.

    Industrial software development

    In a world with a shortage of many natural resources, solutions that optimize the production process in order to get more with fewer resources come to the fore. Moreover, global digitalization trends have also affected the most seemingly conservative sphere – the industry sector, and new business models such as industry 4.0 have appeared. Today, owners of factories and construction companies are striving to implement smart solutions using IoT or machine learning algorithms everywhere.

    The Cognitum team will help you develop solutions that not only optimize the entire production or construction process, but also comply with all strict safety and environmental standards.

    Industrial solutions development Industrial solutions development

    Digital ideas for industry 4.0

    solutions optimization
    • Staff tracking
    • Workflow speed-up
    • Predictive maintenance
    • Legacy equipment connection
    • Environmental care
    • Remote control
    business optimization applications
    • Working conditions improvement
    • Cargo/assembly tracking
    • Equipment monitoring
    • Performance management
    • Safety monitoring
    • Compliance monitoring
    web development for Digitalization
    • New business models
    • IoT integrations
    • Smart factory
    • Real time analytics
    • New revenue opportunities
    • New value opportunities

    Where we can help you

    web development for manufacturing

    Minimize downtime and speed up the entire workflow with present-day manufacturing web development.

    Satellite Construction Workflow Solution Development

    We deliver multifunctional applications for world famous companies from Aerospace industry.

    embedded systems development for construction

    Deep experience in embedded systems development for construction workflow and other industries.

    robotics solutions development

    Automate all your business processes with state-of-the-art robotics solutions.

    Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions
    “The company has shown itself to be an excellent service provider.”
    Since 2011 Cognitum has continuously delivered services to a global construction tools developer company in the areas of computer systems, software development and software quality assurance from prototyping, implementation as well as maintenance. The company has shown itself to be an excellent service provider and we are fully satisfied with the quality of their web development skills.

    Head of Software

    Global Construction Company

    Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions
    “The Cognitum team helped us bring our idea to life and we launched the MVP to the market.”
    The Cognitum team are great professionals. They helped us bring our ideas to life and developed a state and anomaly prediction system based on machine learning algorithms. We are pleased with the result and plan to continue cooperation on the implementation of new functionality.

    Igor Łęgowski

    Head Of Solutions, WeSenseAll

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