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    Computer vision solutions development

    Computer Vision

    Analyze your images and videos more accurately than humans do

    Computer vision solutions features

    Computer vision (CV) has become part of our lives even if we don’t notice it on a daily basis. Fixing traffic violations, construction and parking sites, drones and healthcare, retail and agriculture – these are just a few areas of application for computer vision-based solutions to analyze, recognize and classify images or videos.

    Our company has a lot of experience working with deep learning algorithms and we are happy to guide you all the way to create an effective CV solution to solve your business issues.

    Computer vision appplications development Computer vision appplications development

    Computer vision development

    development steps


    Project planning

    The first stage is the estimation of the client’s idea together with our team of professionals. We take into account the technical requirements of the future project and draw up a phased plan for the development of the Deep Learning model.


    Data labeling and classification

    The next step is very laborious and requires a lot of manual work. We give unclassified data (image, video, text or audio) its own name, and hang a highly accurate “label” so that in the future the system can recognize this data.


    Deep learning model training

    Your labeled data will be used to train the DL model. A deep learning model can be trained to solve your business issues, like processing huge volumes of data and increasing performance or minimizing errors in the future.


    DL model integration

    When the DL model is well trained and we are happy with the results, we  will integrate it into the application. Our specialists have all the skills of software engineers and data scientists in order to simplify the entire deployment process and eliminate the possibility of error.


    DL model deployment

    Putting a model into production can be a fairly quick process, but to maintain it effectively can be costly and labor intensive. At this stage, it is important to choose the right architecture based on your business goals.


    QA, support

    From the very beginning of development, our QA experts are involved in the development process to make sure your solution runs smoothly. Moreover, we are committed to fixing any bugs for the entire period of support agreed in advance and future updates if any.

    Where we can help you

    embedded systems development for construction

    Deep experience in CV solutions development for construction and other industries.

    IoT solutions development for warehouses

    Manage your companies’ warehouse efficiently with computer vision applications.

    Web development for transportation

    Automate control over the state of the cargo, the work of personnel and all business processes.

    computer vision applications development

    Improve security at job sites and safety of property with latter-day sensors and cameras.

    Tech Stack

    Modelling Languages and Libraries
    Deployment Tools
    Hardware Platforms
    Cognitum software development Python


    Cognitum software development TensorFlow


    Cognitum software development PyTorch


    Cognitum software development C#


    Cognitum software development C++


    Cognitum software development TerraForm


    Cognitum software development Tensorflow Serving

    Tensorflow Serving

    Cognitum software development Google Cloud Platform

    Google Cloud Platform

    Cognitum software development AWS


    Cognitum software development Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure


    Where can computer vision be used?

    Is CV accurate?

    Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions Cognitum rating opinions
    “The company has shown itself to be an excellent service provider and we are fully satisfied with the quality of their development skills.”
    Since 2011 Cognitum has continuously delivered services to a global construction tools developer company in the areas of computer systems, software development and software quality assurance from prototyping, implementation as well as maintenance. During our cooperation, the company has shown itself to be an excellent service provider and we are fully satisfied with the quality of their development skills.

    Head of Software

    Global Construction Company

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