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    Satellite Construction Workflow Solution Development
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    Satellite Construction Workflow Solution

    Web responsive application delivery for Space Technology.


    The Space Technology division of Global Aircraft manufacturer needed to develop a workflow tool for the satellite harnesses assembly & design to speed up and optimize the working process. The new solution was supposed to get rid of paperwork, reduce the likelihood of human error and better synchronize the work of different departments.







    1 Backend developer

    1 Frontend developer


    2 months




    The main difficulty in this project was the industry itself, so before starting the app development it was necessary to understand all the intricacies and features of this particular business. 

    Besides, since many departments were involved in this production, it was necessary to set up a reliable system for synchronizing work and most importantly provide capability to smoothly introduce changes in the assembly process.

    Moreover, the application had to be as simple and comprehensive as possible, since the manufacturers were used to reading instructions on paper and they had to quickly retrain.

    The development steps for this web responsive app were product prototyping, design, development, and deployment.


    As a result, this application turned out to be multifunctional. Now it is generally easier for manufacturers to work. All assembly of cables and wires takes place in the so-called clean room (space with low concentration of airborne particulates). Mechanics cut them to the right length according to the technician’s plan, manually connect them to plug-ins and connectors of a certain configuration in a certain order. Previously, before starting work, they had to print out up to 300 paper pages with plans and instructions and bring them to the clean room, where working with paper is extremely inconvenient. And if the harness specification was changed, it was necessary to re-print all the papers. Now everything changes automatically, the program itself monitors and highlights all updates. It stores all instructions and guidelines, decodes all info and presents it in a friendly way.

    It speeds up the work of QA specialists as well. Now they can generate quality assurance cards automatically, and if the configuration of some part of the entire structure changes, the cards will be updated accordingly. If QA controllers will find an error or inaccuracies in the reviewed task, they can leave notes right in the system.

    It is easier to operate with data, since the system saves the entire history of changes of harness design, and information about components, guidelines and assembly route. Moreover, when an updated harness design is uploaded by a technician, it’s checked then with our built-in validator. If any inconsistency is detected(e.g. the components are incompatible), an appropriate warning appears, preventing this version from being published to the operators.

    With the collected and analyzed data, the application helps with predictive analytics – now the technician can check the average assembly duration  of particular tasks.

    Technology Specification

    Cognitum Software House ASP.NET
    Cognitum Software House Typescript
    Cognitum Software House React
    Cognitum Software House Redux



    web app:

    Typescript, React, Redux

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