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Welcome to our Investor Relations website. In this section we present a wide range of information on Cognitum adjusted to the needs of investors and analysts, including among others: financial statements, announcements and ratings as well as detailed presentations.

Due to the rapid growth of Cognitum we are actively looking for investors and new investment opportunities in various areas of software development, cloud solutions and knowledge management systems.

Our mission is to deliver high-end, scallable and future-ready solutions for data acquisition, storage, searching and processing. No matter how big or complex they are. 


Cognitum shareholders:

  • Giza Polish Ventures I Fund
  • Company Founders

Giza Polish Ventures I Fund (GPV) is a Venture Capital fund with professional back-up provided by the Israeli company Giza Venture Capital. The company was established in 1992 and currently manages funds worth over USD 600 million. Over the past 20 years on the market, Giza VC has made almost 100 investments in Israel, Europe, the United States and Asia and has achieved more than 35 successful exits. Giza Investment professionals contribute with a wealth of expertise and experience in communications, semiconductors, information technologies, enterprise software, the life sciences and medical equipment, clean technologies, media, the Internet and entertainment. Thanks to its experienced team, Giza has become one of the leading Israeli VC groups and has led to the following winning investments: Zoran – digital entertainment (NASDAQ:ZRAN), M-Systems (currently Sandisk), Libit (currently TI), Actimize (acquired by Nice), Danen Technology (TWSE: 3686.TW) and others. Moreover, Giza VC established an office in Singapore in 2001 and in recent years has been pursuing investment opportunities in Taiwan-based companies. Giza VC is also actively engaged in supporting the Israeli company portfolio in developing and partnering in Taiwan and South-East Asia.


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Cognitum delivers high-end IT services in the area of Cloud Computing & Big Data solutions as well as Knowledge Management tools and Semantic Technologies. We seek our competitive advantage with constant innovation through own investment in R&D activities and cooperation with major academics within multiparty research projects.

We are present on several vertical markets (industry, telco, health, government, legal services and media) and deliver services to customers from many countries.

Our mission is to deliver high-end, scallable and future-ready solutions for data aquision, storage, searching and processing. No matter how big or complex they are. 

We are developing several software products than can be broadly adapted for data and knowledge management within several industry sectors, like: telecommunication, production, administration, health, oil&gas and many others.

FluentEditor 2014 is a comprehensive tool for editing and manipulating complex ontologies that uses Controlled Natural Language. Fluent editor provides users with a more suitable alternative to XML-based OWL editors. It's main feature is the usage of Controlled English as a knowledge modeling language. Supported via Predictive Editor, it prohibits one from entering any sentence that is grammatically or morphologically incorrect and actively helps the user during sentence writing. Controlled English is a subset of Standard English with restricted grammar and vocabulary in order to reduce the ambiguity and complexity inherent in full English.


Ontorion™ is a Distributed Knowledge Management System with Natural Language interfaces (CNL) and built-in rules engine. It is compatible with OWL2 and SWRL and can be hosted in the Cloud or On-Premise environment. Ontorion is a family of products – both server and client-side components for desktop and web allowing the broad integration of custom software and existing corporate infrastructure.

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