Data-Driven Digital Transformation with A.I.

We are a team of consultants specialised in:
- Data-Monetisation,
- Machine Learning,
- and A.I.
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Data-driven proofs of value

Based on: the return of investment, the potential cost of the problem.

Business intelligence amplification

Situational awareness dashboards, hybrid-automation: man-in-the-loop.

Affective computing

Our solutions are adopting a combination of: data, expert knowledge, intuitions and emotions.

Fortune® 100 (CLICK HERE)

Our customers include companies from the Fortune® 100 list.


Consulting, customisation, tailoring and integration of Cognitum Platform and Artificial Intelligence solution with your organisation.

Customer Support

Comprehensive Customer Support including long-time maintenance of the solutions provided.


Training for you and your users, including an introduction to semantic technologies, machine learning and AI.


RPA, NLP, Machine Learning, ANN, Deep Learning, Tensorflow, Keras, OWL, RDF, SWRL, SPARQL, SKOS, SOLID, SCRUM

The best ontology editor for the beginner (CLICK HERE).

Fluent Editor is a comprehensive ontology editor allowing easier, smarter and more productive way to edit semantic models.




eCommerce, FMCG, Electronics, Pharma.