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    New Polish language model “Bielik” is an innovative business tool

    Explore the impact of Bielik on communication and content creation

    May 19, 2024 • 5 min read

    Kamila Kądziela Cognitum Software House

    Kamila Kądziela

    Karolina Pluta Cognitum Software House

    Karolina Pluta

    Bielik Polish LLM Cognitum Insights

    Introducing Bielik

    In April, a new local language model called “Bielik” appeared on the Polish market as a result of a collaboration between the SpeakLeash.org team. This new model, which is part of the initiative to create the Polish Large Language Model (LLM), represents a new stage of development in the field of natural language processing. Bielik is distinguished by its excellent ability to generate accurate answers in Polish, making it widely applicable in a variety of areas, from education to business.

    Versatile Applications of Bielik

    The ways in which a range of industries can use artificial intelligence are virtually limitless. With Bielik, elementary school students can use advanced tools to write essays, and youtubers can use it to create video content such as recipes or movie scripts. Students, on the other hand, can ask Bielik to help them write abstracts for academic papers, and editors can look for keyword tips for better content positioning. In addition, marketers can successfully use Bielik to generate catchy advertising slogans and SEO optimization, while other users can ask for text translations or error corrections. Such a versatile tool is also a source of entertainment for many users, who can use it for recreational or exploratory purposes.

    Efficiency in Business Scenarios

    Over the past two weeks, the Cognitum team have had the opportunity to test Bielik and share our thoughts on its capabilities. It turns out that Bielik does an excellent job of supporting school students, who can ask questions related to their studies, and it easily generates correct answers, tailored to primary and secondary school levels.

    During tests conducted by our Marketing Department, Bielik also demonstrated impressive efficiency in generating business scenarios for video content on the YouTube platform, especially those related to our company. Its ability to break down the scenario into logical parts and suggest interesting plots made using its services extremely effective.

    However, what surprised our copywriters the most was Bielik’s ability to generate content according to the given keywords. It succinctly and precisely generated texts that were perfect for SEO optimization, while suggesting as many as 83 keywords perfectly suited to business needs.

    Testing Bielik – Insights on Usage

    We asked our colleague Krzysztof Wróbel, who is also a member of the team responsible for Bielik, for his insights on how Polish companies are currently using large language models:

    Currently, Polish companies are increasingly using large language models in various areas of their business, such as:

    – Customer service automation (in particular, chatbots), which help companies respond quickly and efficiently to customer inquiries, providing necessary information and support in real time.

    – Assistants for employees – these systems search company documents and provide answers to questions asked by an employee (e.g., RAG), which significantly improves internal communication and reduces the burden on administrative departments.

    – Generate and proofread texts for marketing purposes, where large language models can be used to create unique product descriptions, content for websites or even advertising slogans, as well as to analyze and improve existing marketing materials.

    We also wanted to learn about Polish companies’ biggest concerns regarding the implementation of large language models:

    Some concerns about using large language models:

    – Risk of generating inappropriate content – a user can quite easily get the model to start generating offensive or illegal content, which can expose the company to reputational or legal problems

    – The problem of “hallucinations” – models can speak falsehoods in a convincing manner

    – Legality and copyright issues – using models that use copyrighted material without a proper license can expose a company to lawsuits and legal sanctions.

    – Privacy and data security – companies are concerned about uploading confidential documents to a third-party provider’s servers, which raises the risk of data leakage

    – Costs associated with maintaining in-house infrastructure – companies must incur costs associated with maintaining their own infrastructure to support large models, which can be expensive and uneconomical for small companies.

    – Available models are trained on data where texts in Polish are in the minority, making cultural understanding insufficient

    Bielik is constantly being improved and evolving. Krzysztof Wróbel told us what they are currently working on and their plans for the future.

    Among other things, we are working on:

    – Subsequent versions of the model, which will significantly improve their effectiveness in Polish – to achieve this we need high-quality data, including differentiated instructions and dialogues

    – Making the model available under a license that allows commercial use – currently the license of the data on which it is trained does not allow this

    – Evolving the model to other modalities such as images

    Advantages of Bielik Over Global Models

    It is also worth highlighting the advantages of local language models such as Bielik over global models such as Chat-GPT. Bielik, developed by a Polish team of researchers, is distinguished primarily by its ability to accurately process the Polish language and understand the cultural and social context. This is extremely important in the context of business and educational communication, where local phrases, idioms and cultural subtleties play a key role.

    Conclusion: The Importance of Bielik

    The Polish language model “Bielik” not only opens up new perspectives in the field of natural language processing, but also becomes an invaluable support tool for education, business communication and online content development. Its versatile application and excellent ability to generate content in Polish make it an indispensable tool for any organization or individual that cares about effective communication and creating high-quality content.

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    Kamila Kądziela Cognitum Software House

    Kamila Kądziela

    Karolina Pluta Cognitum Software House

    Karolina Pluta

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