Cognitum | Australia

Cognitum Pty Ltd

Advanced Software Development

Cognitum Pty Ltd
608 Harris St,
Ultimo, NSW, 2007,
Sydney, Australia,
ACN: 622 079 403

An Australian Software Company having R&D office in Poland

R&D Office
Central Tower 20th floor,
Aleje Jerozolimskie 81,
02-001 Warsaw, Poland
EORI: PL 52 13 57 45 84

Good (AEDT [1]) evening/(CET [2]) morning.

We are coding/testing during Australian night, and we are located in Sydney. It is possible because our R&D is located in Poland on the 20th floor of the skyscraper located in the centre of Warsaw, the capital of Poland, where the beginning of the brand new day rises when you are going to sleep.

We are the best developers in the world. Polish coders continuously win top coder and other very prominent prices, but what we are most proud of: we are well-educated, focused and concentrated on a given task.

We can help you to build a software team that work 16h/24h per day, and you still have 8h for nightly builds [3], having the ability to contact us directly in Sydney HQ if something wrong is happening [4].

Benefits: You are delivering software to your clients in half of time you used to, paying less than you used to, having a night backup in urgent cases.  How is it possible? Usually, It is not possible to split the problem down into a set of independent, parallel tasks [5], and in these cases, we can speed you up as we awaken after your best developers are already tired, we can work as hard as they do.

[1] Australian Eastern Daylight Time
[2] Central European Time
[3] The server that wakeups itself on 4 am and do some evil things, ultimately sending you the “red” email if something is wrong
[4] You are welcome to contact us anytime. NO WORRIES we will help!
[5] According to Amdahl's law assuming that they can be implemented by undergraduates if you know what I mean